January 2017 Not Training Update

January 2017, and I'm long overdue for another update. As always, I want to thank all of you for your support and continue it interest in my rehabilitation.

It is been a while, allow me to give you a brief recap. After time off to allow my hip to recover, I got back and exercise. I had a fantastic 8 to 10 weeks of good training. My bike and run levels were pretty comparable with what I've seen before in terms of high-end output. The endurance wasn't there, but overall I felt pretty good.

Towards the end of that, I began to notice that my left knee didn't feel so good. That continued to worsen to the point where it became uncomfortable and very stiff. I decided to shut my training down again, and return for another MRI. 

The MRI came back with a note that nothing was structurally wrong. The only thing present there was potentially a Baker's Cyst, which typically arises when there's some kind of friction or issue inside the knee joint. I am currently in the process of waiting to see a second opinion this month up in Boston. 

As you know, navigating the healthcare system is challenging and not everyone has the time or interest to give you 110% of their time when evaluating your stuff. My first opinion left a great deal to be desired. 

At the present time I am keeping myself seen by swimming and lifting weights. I am trying to get back on the bike with an updated fit appointment scheduled for mid January with Todd at TT Bike Fit. I think I found a way I can ride the bike relatively pain-free, but I need to confirm that my position is good on the road bike and I'm hundred percent.

Overall I'm pretty pumped with where I am in terms of an activity level, but I do miss all the training that kept me skinny. Winter has only taken its toll, but I'm making the most of this time to focus on work and family. I look forward to having a more detailed and hopefully much more inspiring update for you all in a couple weeks. 

I hope your new year was awesome and that you are excited to have a fantastic season. Endurance Nation has a great membership promotion going on right now and we are ready to help you be your best!