February 2017 Training Update

It's time for another monthly training update. I closed out January with a trip to my (new) orthopedist and got my first ever cortisone shot in my left knee. Since then, I have been training for about two weeks. 

It's hard to say how I really feel about it. I know my knee is not magically healed, but I don't necessarily feel any pain. I have been able to ride and run on a more consistent basis. The numbers are still ridiculously low and unimpressive, but it's nice to have a "where do I put my workout in today" problem once again.

On the Swim

I was consistent for a while but have dropped of now that running is back. I need to get in here as I was making some great gains!!

On the Bike

I also visited Todd Kenyon our sponsors TTbikefit.com. As you probably remember, he put a shim under my right foot, since my left femur is approximately 1 cm longer than the right. It is been interesting riding with the set up. I don't feel any more knee discomfort, as I have felt before, although I'm not riding at that same level of intensity. 

I also notice that I no longer have pain in the ball of my foot as I've had in the past. Part of me is wondering if I was actually applying more pressure to the footbed of my shoe on the left side because the seat was positioned such that that leg was "jammed." I won't really have good numbers until I get back out on the open road, but for now I am pretty excited about that change.

On the Run

I am running about 12 miles a week right now, and will stick there for a while. The knee still isn't 100%, so I am just going to sit back and see what the Training Stress brings. 

Moving Forward

Honestly, I'm not quite sure how to proceed. I do have an early-season camp and race on the schedule, but I am in no way interested in ramping up my training too aggressively. I need to get back to doing those basic exercises that will help me maintain hip strength and mobility.

Hard to believe it, but January was one of my more active months over the last half year. It's great to be back on track and I hope to keep my ego in check until I can get back on track was some more consistency. 

As always, thank you so much for reading!

~ P