May (Still Not Really Training) Update

Special thanks to everyone who's been so supportive for me as I continue on this journey of rehabilitation. 

I'll spare you the details but the latest version of the story is that I've had multiple people review my MRI. The outcome basically is that the labrum looks fine. There's no issues there, and structurally everything looks okay. The x-ray that I had also came back fine so I feel 95% confident that there's no issue there with the actual joint. 

That said, of course I still have discomfort and pain. 

The MRI did reveal that there is some mild tendonosis in the upper hamstrings while working on stretching that out. 

I am also on a pretty aggressive physical therapy program that has me currently on a slight return to exercise. You have seen the pictures of me on that special Alter G treadmill that allows me to run with reduced weight. (That's a good thing, because my weight trending upwards right now!) 

I'm creating a pretty hard-core core strength program to help get me back on track. I have also set a tentative date of July 1 as the time I get back to some form of normal exercise. 

For now I am swimming consistently, working on my technique, and also enjoying long walks pretending that it's running. For all of you reading out there, who are struggling with your health and wellness, keep it up! 

It’s the good fight. Whatever you do, make sure you have a good solid core and functional strength program that you can do to keep you healthy around…unlike your coach!

More info next month,

~ Coach P