June 2016 Training Update

Back with another monthly training update. This time it's for May and heading into June 2016.

For those of you who have been supporting me over the last couple months I super appreciate it. There's nothing like knowing no matter which way I go I've got a group of great people at my back. 

Of course, some of you are comforting while others of you are more demanding in what I do. Honestly, I believe I need both! 

The Diagnosis Continues

In May I went back to the orthopedist and had an MRI arthrogram done. This is where they inject a contrast dye into my hip socket and then complete an MRI. This allows them to see the hip socket in full relief. In other words, if there is a tear or some other issue that is rendering the socket "un whole" the fluid will leak and it will show up on the scan.

The outcome of this test was the same as before: I have a clinically insignificant superior labral tear. 

So, what to do next? 

That's a really good question.

This is something I debated for some time as I wasn't really 100% sure what I should do. Thanks to the counsel of many of you, here is what I've decided.

(1) Three different tests have shown that I do not have a significant hip issue. 

(2) Significant physical therapy has shown that I have well documented imbalances that are affecting my ability to compete and train at a high level. 

(3) Without a specific diagnosis of a major issue, I have decided that doing the rehab is the best course of attack for me now. 

So I am all in with the rehab, with the understanding that the better I get with my flexibility in core the more my condition will approve. And it that doesn't work, or if it gets worse, then I have simply earned my way into a definite surgery.


All of this aside, I do because important but I'm 100% clear with everyone that I'm not out to set any world records. I have had an incredible run in our sport for the last 15 years. I have achieve things that I never thought I could possibly do. 

If you had told me 15 years ago that I will go to Kona seven times, or that I will Boston qualify, or break three hours for a marathon, or that I would win my Age Group, I would have laughed in your face. 

A tiny part of me still wants to. It just seems so ridiculous.

2016 coach Patrick just wants to be healthy. 

I'm looking to be more well-rounded (haha no pun intended). I want to be fit but I also want to have no pain. 

If I can create the conditions where I can be as active as I want and enjoy a dynamic lifestyle with my kids, then we will see about being competitive again. 

I have no higher-level incentive driving the me forward at this point in time.

As of this update I have completed six bike rides since February 14th 2016. I'm finally outside which is wonderful. 

I am still on the indoor treadmill and will be until early July when I begin a slow transition to "normal" running. I swim about three times a week and use it to keep myself same and as a complements to the core work that I'm doing. 

For now my top goal is to get fit enough to hang out with everyone coming to our race camps. 

I hope to have more information for you in the coming weeks with a full report on what it means to transition back to real running. 

Thanks again for all your support and I'll be in touch soon!

~ Patrick

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I hope you are getting better... I think they do not have your diagnosis yet...Stress fractures in the pelvis can cause these long term issues... MRI of the pelvis may help... Orthopedists are pretty darn smart but what if this is this a problem outside of their field, maybe it is a nerve issue... is the pain limited to the hip or is it related to the ligaments and soft tissues? Just some ideas to explore before considering surgery.... You know the story about the 8 blind men and the elephant... the conclusions are based on perspective... make sure it is not a vascular issue like the constriction that occurs in the femoral artery with repetitive use.... You are a great athlete... the answer is just not apparent yet... :)